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Thanks to your very special people. They made my radiation visits very pleasant. Jeremy and Tiffani also made my (33) visits great. Dr G was great!
D.J., Muskogee, OK
Tiffany and Jeremy are very courteous and caring. Katie went the extra mile in dealing with approvals for my prescriptions and submitting them to the local pharmacy. Dr. Vasireddy was comforting while I was undergoing treatment.
R.L., Muskogee, OK
My treatment was good! Not much downtime and everyone was very nice!  The Doctor was very knowledgeable and comforting. I feel very lucky that he happened to be the one there for my treatment.
D.C., Muskogee, OK
Dr. Vasireddy and the staff were great in listening to my treatment concerns. Both doctor and staff were very pleasant and took a lot of time with me. I really appreciate it and would like to thank everyone. Treatment progresses well and I know they went out of their way to make sure my treatment is the best available to me. Thanks!
M.T., Woodall, OK
Who would ever say they looked forward to being treated for cancer??? Well I would! The entire staff went out of their way to make me comfortable – 42 times! Y’all are super – I will actually miss seeing you each afternoon!
J.H., Wagoner, OK
As an old retired Firefighter I used to work with complex individuals and personalities, what I witnessed during the duration of the treatment was the perfect example of true teamwork and dedication. Everyone seemed to be enjoying what he or she was doing and eager to jump in at anytime, with a central objective in mind – to make the patient feel loved by people who really care. Please keep up your outstanding work!
R.D., Muskogee, OK
I personally was not pleased with my first visit. I was in pain and looking for sympathy and was confronted with cold facts about my condition which Dr. Garren was correct in doing. I am now completely satisfied with the treatment and would be happy to recommend Dr. Garren to anyone. He and the staff are just plain great.
J.B., Oktaha, OK
Its hard to choose one particular person among the staff of angels at Landmark. I thank God for Dr. Garren and the staff. Continue to do the wonderful job!
J.C., Muskogee, OK
Dr. Vasireddy - Thank you for taking care of me in my hours and days of need. You were very caring from the very start when I first met you during my initial consultation… Thank you for taking the extra time and effort to make sure I got the treatment I needed .
B.L., Tahlequah, OK
Just a note to say how much I appreciate what you have done for me. I’m sure once this is all over, I will be in tip-top shape. For the past eight and a half weeks, I can’t believe how patient you were with me, even when I didn’t get on the table straight. You both have turned out to be good friends. I’m not sure what I’ll do in the mornings starting tomorrow. I sure wish the best for the both of you. Take care
J.P., Broken Arrow, OK
Dr. Vasireddy - Our confidence in your knowledge and expertise, our confidence in YOU, got us both through a very difficult and frightening time. We thank our lucky stars every day to have found you!
M.B., Muskogee, OK
Dr. Garren... You are now one of our favorite doctors, thanks so much for your tender respect during my wife's treatment.
F.T., Muskogee, OK
The Doc is a very caring and nice person besides being an excellent doctor. He is very prompt, courteous and takes time with you. His work is excellent. I will recommend him to anyone. It is rare to find a doctor now-a-days who seems to really care about you.
K.G., Muskogee, OK