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  • Modern Facilities

    Conveniently located in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Modern facilities with front door drop off and plenty of close up free parking... No getting lost at the Hospital or driving to Tulsa.
  • Advanced Technologies

    We utilize a wide array of advanced technologies including equipment such as Varian Linear Accelerators.
  • Sophisticated Equipment

    PET/CT imaging is a non-invasive, highly accurate method to detect the early signs of cancer. Just one of our many treatment technologies.

Patient Information

  • Appointments

    If you would like to make an appointment with us, please call us to request an appointment. For new patients, please have your insurance card with policy number, insurer's phone number, and primary care physician (if applicable), ready when you call. Please see the our physicians page for more information about each physician. We ask that patients show up about thirty minutes before their initial scheduled appointment to allow time for paperwork and notify us of any change in insurance coverage. If you have completed paperwork prior to arrival, please arrive ten minutes early so we may complete any final work necessary. Your early arrival for paperwork and treatment is essential and appreciated.
  • What to Bring

    We ask that you assist us in serving you by bringing the following items with you to your appointment: - Your driver's license or other valid picture I.D. - Your medical insurance card(s) - A list of current medications, including dosage information. - A referral for treatment from a primary care physician (does not matter where they referred you to go for treatment) - Medical records (or have them faxed) as requested by our office - Any X-Rays/Disks/Reports as requested by our office - Payment (if required)
  • New Patient Forms

    As a first time patient we have made it easy for you by offering health related forms online. A single file download contains all of the appropriate form(s) required. Simply print them out and bring them to your first appointment already completed. By offering you this option to print the forms in advance, you will be able to complete them at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. Please print the forms on white paper only. Click Here to Download (Adobe Reader Required)
  • Insurance and Disability forms

    Landmark participates with Medicare and Medicaid along with virtually all major insurance carriers in our area (call for Insurance Plans), and we will file your service claim free of charge. Our staff members will be glad to review this information with you and answer your questions. Any required co-payment is expected when services are provided. Prior to treatment, our Benefits Coordinator will review your policy benefits with you and discuss payment options if needed. For your convenience, we accept personal checks, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover Cards. Please contact our billing office for more information. Disability forms such as FMLA and AFLAC paperwork will not incur any additional fees for completing but will take additional time. The office can provide a standard form at no cost to the patient as well, but please allow the staff 72 hours to complete the form. Also, please complete any information that is required by you and make sure your name is on the form.
  • Common Pre-Treatment Questions

    We understand that patients have many questions when they come to our office. We encourage you to take the time to write down any questions you may want answered and we will address them during your consultation.
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